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Decorate your Wedding Table with these Napkin Rings. Template Free!

Napkin rings are a wonderful way to personalize the tables of the guests at weddings, and parties, in addition to adding colors, they will add your touch of personality and style. Therefore, in today's post we want you give 3 Napkin Rings for Wedding ready to download and use instantly!

Banquet Table Decoration

decoración de mesa en una boda

The wedding banquet is the sum of many things; meetings with family and friends, long meals, gifts and of course decoration plays one of the most important roles. Decorate the wedding tables to your liking, with unique custom touches , since it is where your guests will spend most of their time, eating, talking with the rest of the guests, listening to music ... that is why it is very important that you take maximum care of all the decorations on the table.

DIY ideas to use napkin rings at a banquet

Get inspired by our wedding napkin ring ideas.

Napkin Rings with Wild Flowers

servilleteros con flores naturales

Wrap the napkins in small natural details. Country flowers, lavender, olive leaves, twigs ... are elements with a lot of charm and that also smell wonderful! Play with different sizes and colors, add some jute rope for a romantic and natural look.

Napkin Rings with the Names of the Guests

servilleteros para boda

One way to make your guests feel special and at home is by adding their names where they are going to sit. It is an idea that they will love.

Napkin Rings with Minute

servilletero con menu

If you are a practical and creative person, what do you think of this idea of putting the menu wrapped with the wedding napkin and cutlery? It is an original and comfortable napkin holder with which you will not need to add the wedding menu card on top.

How to make the Napkin Rings for Wedding

With our decoration template you will see how easy it is to make original wedding napkin rings, which will surely surprise and delight your guests.


  1. Download the template that you will find at the bottom of this page.
  2. Print from your computer or from a print shop. (You can use Kraft paper, pearl paper, matte ... use a paper with a minimum thickness of 200 grams.)
  3. Cut at the indicated marks.
  4. Fold on the sides to fit the napkin you are going to use.
  5. Secure with some duct tape or jute string.


servilletero agradecimiento gratis


Servilletero con los nombres de los invitados gratis
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